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A 28-year old woman who was sexually abused by a school chaplain and teacher in the South East over a period of two years has been awarded €200,000 by the High Court, writes Ann O'Loughlin.

Mr Justice Robert Eagar also commended the bravery of the woman in bringing her claim as he awarded a further €10,000 in aggravated damages.

In contrast the judge said evidence of the former chaplain to the court was "inconsistent and unconvincing".

The woman he said following her disclosures to her school had been subjected to the denial by the man of any sexualised conduct having occurred between them and he also filed a counter claim that her account was malicious lies."The court is cognisant to the fact that this was a case run over 34 days.

She claimed her contract of appointment was subject to Defence Force Regulation A15 (DFRA15), and expressly included certain conditions, including fixed-period promotion.Also without her knowledge, she was transferred in late 2012 from Baldonnel to Cathal Brugha Barracks, he noted.He declared Ms Byrne qualified for promotion to commandant in May 2013 and was entitled to damages for loss of earnings from that date.In his judgment on her case last year, Mr Justice Eagar said the exclusion from promotion of Ms Byrne, who before going on maternity leave in late 2012 was second in command of an Air Corps support wing in Baldonnel, was "not impressive".Four male captains in her cohort were promoted in August 2013, unknown to her when she was on additional unpaid maternity leave.

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