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"If you had a few too many [drinks] out with friends, you didn't used to have a way to totally embarrass yourself and ruin your life." Now it seems that for some people the Millennial equivalent of "don't drink and drive" has become "don't drink and text." This ease of smartphones can also create a false sense of intimacy for the parties involved, regardless of whether alcohol enters the picture. It feels like it’s just you and your phone.” And although a sext may seem private, it’s just as easy to forward a sext as it is to send.

“Phones specifically feel more intimate than computers,” Allen says. It’s this false security that can get people into trouble when they sext -- especially if they are involved in a separate, committed relationship.

And of that 47 percent, about one in 10 have sent a "not suitable for work" message to the wrong person. However, anecdotally, people extend the definition to include sexually explicit and suggestive words as well.

Although most of the research done on sexting has focused on teenagers, a 2010 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, as part of its Internet & American Life Project, also studied adults.

The ease with which one can communicate through a smartphone means that some missteps will likely occur.

"It can be extremely negative," says relationship coach Carol Allen.

found that teen sexting was not as prevalent as had been previously reported.

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