Truck driver dating

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The truck, which was stopped on 10th Avenue and 43rd Street, had been responding to the car accident when the incident occurred.Crews had responded to the scene after Brandon, who was driving an Enterprise box truck, hit seven vehicles between 42nd and 44th Streets in the neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen around 1.40pm, the FDNY said.Tolentino was dragged under the truck for a quarter mile before the truck was able to stop.She believes the other two cars were racing at the time of the accident.'From my perspective, when I was seeing them both kind of trying to get to the first spot I guess, in my heart, I believe that they were racing,' she told KTLA5.Send us a note and we will talk to you personally about our truck and light industrial fleet leasing and management programs.

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The collision caused Tolentino's sedan to become pinned under a semi-truck.Thank you BMW for building a safe car structurally, but the airbags didn't f*****g deploy,' he said.Police found the Infiniti sometime after the crash, but are still searching for the driver.The clip shows Devon Brandon, 36, dressed in a green T-shirt, arguing with firefighters in the front cab of the fire truck.He then frantically climbs into the driver's seat as seven firefighters work to pull him out, causing the engine to shake.

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