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Amin got the inspiration for from "the mecca of Iranian Web sites,", he said.published its first issue in September 1995, and long before the first blog it began serving as a communal bulletin of ideas for a young generation of Iranians everywhere.Then we started developing a website for an easy and safe Iranian woman dating or Persian men dating experience for our valued users.We will not stop here and keep searching and studying to add more features in order to make the website as good as possible.“Go Iranian” is mainly a place to meet Persian singles but you will be amazed when you see other nationalities use and take advantage of its unique benefits aswell. Our members’ feedbacks keep us motivated to do a better job and add new features to our services."But it really quickly picked up," said publisher Jahanshah Javid.In fact, the number of blogs and Iranian Web sites carrying intimate tidbits appears to be "growing by the hour," he said.Whether you're looking for love of your life, marriage, a relationship or even just a couple of good friends “Go Iranian” has unique features and services which will facilitate your search and suit your needs.Here you will experience a “Go Iranian” is founded by a couple of young friends that have been looking for love of their lives and have searched many websites.

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For a long time, Mehran, a 40-year-old lawyer who travels frequently between New York and Tehran, never thought he would have much in common with Iranian women."Iranians don't date," said Amin, "or at least not in the open.They get engaged, then say they are dating." When Amin wanted to start his Iranian dating site several years ago, family and friends in the United States did not believe such a public forum would be in sync with the private Iranian mentality. It's not necessarily welcomed by the government, either.On, a presumed woman who goes by the name of "Nooneh" writes about serial boyfriends and "Sarvenaz" details a romp on a plane from Paris to New York and other sexual exploits--or fantasies, perhaps.A photographer sends in a series of stills depicting a driver picking up a tall, elegantly dressed prostitute in Tehran.

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