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And that should be easy to do, because if the work really does require people to be there precisely by 9, then there should be work-related impacts that managers can point to — like “your client was left waiting for 15 minutes this morning” or “Jane was pulled away from her own work because she had to keep answering your phone” or “you missed a crucial team meeting this morning” or whatever the impact was.But it should be coming from their managers, not you.I work at a nonprofit that operates in a very traditional office setting: business professional dress code, strict lunch hours, and a strict 9-5 day.In theory, this is done for efficiency and to allow employees to feel like they have more separation between their work and personal life.Since I started in 2014, we go through a cycle: an email reminder that we work 9-5 so please be here ready to work by 9 a.m.goes out, it helps for about a month, and then folks begin to slide back into being 5, 10, 15 minutes late.

Instead, managers need to be responsible for ensuring that their staff arrive on time and addressing it with them directly if they’re not, just like they would with any other performance concern.

It was built at a cost of around £15m and is located on the outskirts of Oxford.

It has only three sides, with one end remaining unused.

For example, two weeks ago I addressed this problem in person and asked staff to plan their commutes accordingly.

This morning, two-thirds of the staff were missing when work started at 9 a.m.

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