Derek jeter dating madonna

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So, in honor of The Yankee Clipper, here are some of the most memorable baseball player/celebrity relationships, starting with the one that started them all: His Significant Other: Marilyn Monroe Legendary slugger Joe Di Maggio and blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe famously met back in 1952 and supposedly spent the first night together.

The pair eloped in January of 1954, but the relationship was rocky at best.

He's about to welcome his first child as he retires his last jersey for the New York Yankees.

And Derek Jeter found a way to celebrate as he and pregnant wife Hannah Davis, 27, were spotted leaving a restaurant in New York on Friday.

Yankees fans telling me to not hate the Yankees is literally the equivalent of when Chaffetz made that "how about instead of buying i Phones you buy health insurance" comment, in ways that I can't verbalize but I know you totally understand.2) I love Jennifer Lopez and genuinely want what's best for her and her life. - Jennifer Lopez sang "I'm Real." A-Rod is a huge piece of crap.

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When she was in New York for a launch week right after she had announced that she was pregnant, she was doing an interview and they asked her, "Do you have any weird cravings? Now we have a lifetime supply of beef jerky at the house.' Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated supermodel Davis is eight months pregnant.

The pair got engaged in October 2015 and were married in July of the following year.

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