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Andy commented on the condition of the sidewalks in Cuenca which are often full of holes and other obstacles and noted that his well worn knees could not take the beating of walking on such uneven surfaces on a regular basis.

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Tornadoes are very common where we lived in Georgia and we more than once had to huddle in the bathroom or a hall way while one passed nearby.

The health dangers we faced when we lived in Georgia were not imagined, they were real, but we were used to the “dangers” of the country and did not give them a second thought.

I don’t think that Jill would have survived very long living in Georgia either.

(Keep in mind that many houses here do not have a hot water connection for washing machines).

Also, Jill was terrified that her son was going to pick up some dreaded disease just by being here and she therefore forbid him to touch anything.

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