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They did their original jobs in the beginning of the war but gradually, as trench warfare emerged, they were treated as regular infantry and lost their status as independent units.

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It was the worst near Ypres, where the attack became known as the ''Kindermord'' or ''Massacre of the Children''.A complete revolution from the earlier Gatling and Gardner guns that worked with crankhandles and multibarrels which relied on manpower (how long you could turn the crank) rather than the actual power of the machine.It remained in service even into the early days of WWII because of shortages of the MG34. German Empire The word ''Haubitze'' comes from the Czech ''Houfnice'' which was a short barreled cannon.The mass conscription that was first employed in the Franco-Prussian war in the 1870s created a vast, disciplined military machine.By 1914, the German army consisted out of roughly 1.750.000 men, along with almost 1.800.000 men in reserves.

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