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So they recorded their thoughts on what made a happy and fulfilling marriage.After some long discussions, they developed a plan and in May, 1951, they faked serious illness so their daughters and daughters-in-law would come home.Because their techniques are controversial and illegal in some places, GWU remains out of sight. Chapter One -- A Cry for Help Darlene didn't want her marriage to end.She and Dwayne were still together after twelve years "for the kids" but they fought constantly. During one session, Darlene broke down, crying, "I want to be a good wife. They scrimped and saved to buy the kids a computer for Christmas in 1993 before home computers were 'in'. Although the monthly cost strained their budget, they subscribed to an on-line service.

Before long, others saw how the young families seemed to have fewer problems.

Wise and Smart believed that marital disharmony was often the fault of newly 'liberated' women.

'Liberated' wives discarded traditional roles and values, ignoring proven behavior as being obsolete.

I just don't have any self-control." The counselor said that he couldn't give Darlene self-discipline. While the kids were in school, Darlene set aside time to learn how to use the computer.

Once she felt comfortable with it, she began to explore on-line and found a group discussing marriage problems on a local bulletin board. Then, among the spam, she found an e-mail message: Date: Fri, -0500 From: anonymous Subject: GWU Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Status: If you're serious about becoming a good wife and mother, reply to this message. Expecting some sales pitch in the next message, Darlene hit the reply button.

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