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Her reaction was the talk of Twitter and Eurovision viewers were sent into meltdown over what they had just witness onscreen. #Eurovision.'Another added: 'Romania was epic, that failed kiss at the end just put the icing on the cake #Eurovision,' while one more viewer commented: 'Typical girl.

Many shared clips of the awkward smooch and penned: 'Most uncomfortable and creepy post song kiss goes to the dude from Romania #Eurovision #esc2017.'Shout out to romania for absoloutely destroying their yodel cred with an awkward one-sided straight kiss at the end.'The girl at the end of Romania did not look prepared for that kiss #Eurovision.'When you're trying to yodel but Alex from Romania has other ideas #Eurovision.'Best song... Only way to shut her up yodeliing at ya is give her a kiss.

Romania had finished in seventh place on the show, while the UK landed its strongest performance since boyband Blue competed in 2011.

One viewer tweeted: 'NO for trying to kiss your co-star onstage when she clearly doesn't want that.'A second said: 'I’m really uncomfortable with that forced kiss Romania,' while a third agreed: 'Creepy face grab kiss thing from Romania? Nil points.'Although, many others weren't put off by Alex's attempts of an onstage PDA as a slew of viewers had called for Romania to win the show, with some later claiming the duo had been 'robbed' of a victory by Eurovision 2017 winner Portugal's Salvador Sobral.There was nothing in the world that I wanted less than to experience that again, much less firsthand.Some months on, though, I stand by my statement that this was a kind of gift. By Tuesday afternoon we’re in a lawyer’s office, drawing up a settlement.It didn’t take long to accept that this is all for the best. I packed up what was left, put all but necessities into storage. Coupled a little over four years total, just a bit over two of which was spent married. “We were only a seventysomething percent match, with like a twelve percent chance of being enemies. Maybe technology made it all too easy to slide into a life I wasn’t meant to have. For each of those decisions, though, there are tools, and the tools present options.

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