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It’s a fair bet, though, that the Queen doesn’t want to see her kingdom dismembered.She herself represents a congenial mingling of English and Scottish blood.Sniffy visitors from London dismissed it for its cascade of Scottish kitsch: tartan drapes, tartan chair covers, tartan wallpaper and tartan carpets.But this was to Victoria’s taste and heart -- her “dearest Albert’s own creation.”Here we approach, ahem, delicate ground.Queen Elizabeth will be 90 in 2016, and one of the things that seems to keep her rolling – indeed, she visibly brightens at the prospect – is spending time in Scotland.She loves her Scottish estate at Balmoral where she is now, as she is every year in August and September.Victoria’s grief at the premature death of Albert from typhoid in 1861 was as intense as her passion for him when alive – she became the epitome of the inconsolable widow perpetually in black and invariably sour in temperament.That is, until a rough-tongued Scotsman rekindled the flame.

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He was almost a caricature of the Scottish virtues: iron in frame, unflinching in gaze and totally manned-up by a warrior’s beard.The spell of Scotland and of Balmoral on the royal family began with Queen Victoria.It had a lot to do with prevailing medical opinion that bracing climates were essential to good health.Her mother was the daughter of a Scottish noble, Lord Glamis, descended from one of the royal houses of Scotland.In fact, as Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon the Queen’s mother was the first woman to marry into the royal family who wasn’t from one of the numerous and incestuous branches of the European royal tree.

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