Adult park chat room

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Cartman, in search of more mature friends, accidentally joins the "North American Man/Boy Love Association", and puts all the boys of South Park in jeopardy as a result.Meanwhile, Kenny tries to stop his mother and father from having another baby.The "Marlon Brando Look Alikes" have been fighting the pedophile organization for the rights over the name NAMBLA.They and the police join together and all rush to stop the other NAMBLA's banquet.He first tricks a pharmacist into selling him abortion pills, which he then mixes in with vodka into his mother’s favorite drink.Stuart drinks it for her because she isn't allowed to drink while pregnant, and it causes him to have heavy diarrhea.Mephesto says he can't, but encouarges Cartman to join NAMBLA because he himself is a member and says Cartman looks about right to join.The next day, NAMBLA holds a meeting at the South Park Inn and decides that they need ways to get young boys to join the association.

The next day Cartman meets Tony316, a very stereotypical pedophile, who gives him candy and backrubs.

But when Cartman leaves, Stan suggests to Kyle that maybe they should act more mature and they decide to get into the organization too.

Later, Kenny has a nightmare about the baby being born as a grotesque humanoid who kills the doctor, the nurse and Kenny himself.

The boys hide in one of the rooms and Cartman persuades Butters into being their sacrificial lamb by letting the pedophile NAMBLA members have their way with him so the rest of them can get away, to which he reluctantly agrees.

Fortunately for Butters, as he looks for the NAMBLA members, he enters an empty room and escapes unharmed.

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