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One Wayne Coyne is the guy you hang out with at Burning Man.The other Wayne Coyne is a make-out machine from beyond the stars.— A quick reminder: "ludicrous" sometimes means "unsexy," but often it's quite the opposite.So, yes, Glenn Danzig is ludicrous (believes in werewolves, spends a lot of time getting jacked, closely associated with a questionable hairstyle, etc.).He is also the constant butt of jokes, but then, so is sex itself; indeed, if Danzig is a big target, it may be only because he's larger than life.

— Once a filthy acid hippie, always a filthy acid hippie, and never shall a filthy acid-hippie frontman transcend his grimy roots to attain sexy immortality. Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, however, trades in the impossible.

Sexy enough, but his demented love letters to New York ("On Avenue B, someone cruised him one night/he took him in an alley and then pulled a knife/And thought of his father, as he cut his windpipe/and finally danced to the rock minuet") had already conferred rock sainthood.

— Back in 2001, before the internet's ubiquity had demolished music's international boundaries, there were still some bands you plain wouldn't hear about outside your country of origin.

Murray Lightburn and The Dears were a Canadian micro-brew in the grand pub of rock, quietly hidden in the frozen north.

It wasn't until 2003 that the world got its first full taste of Lightburn's savage crooning.

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