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Sun glasses Thursday 4/13/17 One in eight college freshmen have never done this? 06/15/16 25% of men say this is the worst fashion faux pas a woman can make. Ironed their clothes Wednesday 4/12/17 13% of people would rather do this than their taxes. ” Spend a Night in Jail Tuesday 04/11/17 20% of men are attracted to a woman because of this. ” Resembles their mother Monday 04/10/17 The average kid will do this three times a year? Stay Home Sick From School Friday 04/07/17 If they could be President of the United States, 21% of kids said they’d eat ice cream every day. Sleep until noon Thursday 04/06/17 25% of women say this is sexy and turns them on. Scottish accent Weds 04/04/16 6% of parents have done this during a large Easter egg hunt. ” turned (sprained) an ankle Tuesday 04/04/16 What is the Most Wanted Candy for Easter. 06/16/16 This year, Americans will waste about 170 million of these…

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Is out North Dakota, South Dakota are in the top 5 what is #2? Friday 04/28/17 60% of drivers have one of these in their car, but never use it. cassette player Wednesday 04/26/17 9% of men are impressed by a woman who can do this. Bake a cake from Scratch Tuesday 04/25/17 The average guy will do this almost 1200 times this year, while the average woman will do it fewer than 800 times… WKRQ switched to an AOR format briefly for approximately 6 months between June 1973 and December 1973.WKRQ's CHR format has been in place since 1974, making Q102 one of the longest-running currently broadcasting Top 40 stations in the United States, despite its shift towards an adult top 40 format in the mid-1990s, leaving rival CHR/Top 40 WKFS to take the younger audience by default.Scotch tape Wednesday 12/06/17 10% of men can’t locate this on a car. ” Oil dipstick Tuesday 12/05/17 53% of people will do this on their phone on Christmas Eve. Check work Emails Monday 12/04/17 50% of workers wish their company had this? 06/03/16 When it comes to their appearance, more than 30% of Americans say they never do this… 06/02/16 45% of people who do this, do not tell their partner about it. Better Coffee Friday 12/01/17 7% of people would rather watch this than listen to holiday music. ” – Political Ads Thursday 11/30/17 50% of people don’t wash this at home. Wash their produce Wednesday 11/29/17 33% of people have secretly done this at work. ” Steal someone’s lunch Tuesday 11/28/17 The average lifespan of this household item is 10 years. ” A Vacuum Monday 11/27/17 12% of people have done this before the holiday shopping season starts. Got a new credit card Wednesday 11/22/17 38% of people would take a pay cut if they could do this at work. Take their pet to work Tuesday 11/21/17 23% of family members will do this during a Thanksgiving dinner… Stick their finger in a pie Monday 11/20/17 55% of women would give up romance before this. their favorite moisturizer Friday 11/17/17 7% of women want a man to do this when proposing. read a poem Thursday 11/16/17 In a recent survey, 87% of people said that while traveling via plane..

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